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As the beginning of the world's highest railway, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Xining is the closest city for travelers to travel to Tibet by train. It is also the best part of the scenery that offers spectacular views of snowcapped peaks and bloomy glaciers from the Thangula ridge (5072m), endangered wild lives like Tibetan antelopes by traversing the Kekexili Wildlife Reserve, lone nomad families dwelling black tents and scattered villages in the isolated Changthang. And on your arrival at the holy city, Lhasa, you will greet by its fair blue sky and a glimpse of Potala palace perching on the red hill. In the following days, you will be overwhelmed by mystical buildings and temples which reflect the rich culture and tradition of the ancient city. Moreover, it is a great pleasure to mingle into the bustling Barkhor Street with devoted pilgrims.

1 Train Xining-Lhasa
2 Arrival in Lhasa (3680m)
3 Lhasa City
4 Lhasa sightseeing
5 Lhasa Suburb
6 Depart from Lhasa
Day 1 Train Xining-Lhasa

Go to Xining West Railway Station on your own, then exchange e-Ticket to the actual paper ticket at the ticket booth by showing them the e-Ticket & your original passport. To arrive at the railway station about 2hrs in advance is suggested.

You will spend a whole day on the train and enjoy the fabulous scenery along the world famous Qinghai-Tibet railway, the highest railway in the world. See the stunning view of Kokonor Lake and beautiful nomadic surrounding with blossomed flowers.

Day 2 Arrival in Lhasa (3680m)

Welcome to Lhasa! Our local Tibetan guide and driver will wait for you at Lhasa Railway Station by holding your name sign. You will be greeted with a warm Tashidelek (meaning hello with blessing), and be presented with a white Hada (traditional Tibetan ceremonial by giving you a white scarf). Then transfer you to the hotel in Lhasa city while you enjoy the stunning views of the Yarlong Tsangpo River. After checking in your hotel, the rest of day is free for you to have a good rest and acclimatize to the high altitude at the top of the world. If you physically feel good, you can visit the Potala Palace Square, far view the Yaowang Mountain and take a panoramic view of the Potala Palace. Remember to drink lots of water, eat light and high carbohydrate food which will be helpful to you to adapt to the high altitude better and quicker.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

Day 3 Lhasa City

Today we will start an incredible day of exploration in Lhasa City to first visit the famous Potala Palace for around 1.5 hours, Potala Palace is the cardinal landmark of Tibet and the masterpiece of Tibetan architecture, it was first built by 33rd King Songtsen Gangpo in the 7th century and rebuilt it later in the 17th century by 5th Dalai Lama, now it is a museum and world heritage site.

After lunch, we will go to visit Jokhang Temple in the center of the old Lhasa city. Jokhang Temple is one of the most sacred temples in all over Tibet and it is always bustling with earnest local pilgrims since from early days. After that you will take a walk around the Barkhor street which is the one of the most devotional circuit as well as a crowded central market of Lhasa, Barkhor Street is located in the old area of Lhasa City Tibet, it is a very ancient round street surrounding the Jokhang Temple and the locals are always proud of it. As a symbol of Lhasa, it is also a must-see place for visitors.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

far view of Potala Palace.
The life-sized statue of the Jowo Shayamuni of age 12 can be seen in Jokhang Temple, it is regarded as the holiest object in Tibet.
Day 4 Lhasa sightseeing

In the morning, you are heading to Drak Yerpa, a place may not be that famous but with its advantage. It consists of a monastery and several ancient meditation caves. There are some holes that kind of arrows left in the cliffs are believed to prove that the legendary hero Gesar of Ling had visited this valley.

In the afternoon, tourists will pay a visit to Sera Monastery, which is one of the "great three" Gelug monasteries of Tibet. Monks debate starts around 3 to 5 p.m. It's exciting, even if you don't understand what they are talking about at all. If the debate is not your type, you can also see the three sand Mandalas and colorful Rock Painting of Buddha inside of the monastery. Besides, the sight in the Sera monastery is splendid because you can see roses around. That's why people also call it "the court of wild rose."

Stay overnight in Lhasa

Drak Yerpa was built by Songtsan Gampo, the first emperor of a united Tibet, in the 7th century for his wife.
Sera Monassrey is located at the foot of Tatipu Hill in the northern suburb of Lhasa City
Day 5 Lhasa Suburb

After breakfast in the hotel, you will be taken to visit Drepung Monastery which is the world's largest monastery that housed for over 10,000 monks; it was the resident of the Dalai Lama. After that we will go to visit Norbulingka, Norbulingka park is considered the premier park of all such horticultural parks in similar ethnic settings in Tibet. During the summer and autumn months, the parks in Tibet including the Norbulingka, become hubs of entertainment with dancing, singing, music and festivities. The park is where the annual Sho Dun or 'Yoghurt Festival' is held.

Afternoon, we will show you the local Tibetan family life which is one of the most interesting attractions during your trip in Tibet, the local Tibetan people will welcome you to their houses, greet you in their traditional way and entertain you with their typical tea. Through this way, you will experience the real Tibetan culture, explore the Tibet civilization and discover the beautiful landscape of Tibet with your families or friends.

Stay overnight in Lhasa

Drepung Monastery is also a Buddhist education base. It is the best place to learn and impart the Buddhism.
As the summer palace of Dala Lama, Norbulingka means precious garden in Tibetan language.
Day 6 Depart from Lhasa
Today your guide and driver will escort you to the Lhasa Airport or Railway Station for your next destination. Before your departure, we will appreciate if you can spend a few minutes to evaluate our services either by filling the feedback form or simply send us an email when you back home, tour ends.

Our private customized Tibet tours are ideal for families, small groups and individual travellers who desire a more thorough and intimate introduction to Tibet. Price varies with size, season, hotel rate. etc. Please fill out this form so our travel designers can start helping you plan a trip.

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Typically Asked Questions from Our Clients



Do you get a Tibet permit through this tour?



I suggest you take a train to Lhasa from Xining then join our 4 Days Lhasa City Essential Group Tour. May I know when would you like to have this group tour?



I am considering a late October/early November (2019) trip to Tibet, specifically your 6-day train tour. If I am able to obtain a visa, I would plan on flying into Xining on my own airplane ticket (Delta/South China), spend two or three days there to acclimate (I am coming from sea-level in California), and then take the Lhasa train via your tour, returning by air from Lhasa on my own airplane ticket. If this plan is possible/feasible, I would appreciate an additional information you could provide. Thank you!



In your inquiry, you mentioned you would like to have 6 days train tour from Xining to Lhasa in late Oct or early Nov. We happen to have a fixed tour departing on Oct.28th. Please check if it is ok for you.

Regarding Drak Yerpa - Norbulingka - Tibetan Family Visit, we can arrange a one-day private tour for you to include these attractions. Please let me know if you want to cancel it.

We can help you book the train ticket from Xining to Lhasa



hi...I;m looking at travelling around 11th of August.


In your inquiry, you mentioned you would like to have the 6 Days Xining Lhasa Train Tour around Aug 11th. We can arrange the tour for you.



Hi, My siblings and I are planning a trip for my parents. My mother is in her 50's and my father is in his 60's. This trip is mainly for my father as its his dream to one day get on the train to Tibet and experience the culture. He is very fond of this history of Chinese & Tibetan. At the moment we do not have a date set but would like to get more info on the tours, best time to visit as well as the cost involved. For accommodation, 3-4 stars would be ideal as they are young anymore. I hope the details provided is sufficient and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, Victor.



In your inquiry, you mentioned you would like to prepare a Tibet tour plan for your parents. I suggest they may come in September. In autumn, the weather is cool,  the scenery along the way is so beautiful, the number of people is not too much and the attractions won't be so crowded. Regarding the train tickets from Xining to Lhasa, we can help you book it. Regarding the accommodation, both the 3-star & 4-star hotels we arrange for our clients have good locations and services. But Tibet relatively lags behind other provinces in China. Thus, the quality of accommodation is not the same as in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu. The 4-star accommodations are more comfortable with better facilities and environment. So, I suggest you choose the 4-star class if your budget is not tight. We recommend varied itineraries depending on what you want to see or experience in Tibet. For some travelers, who want to admire the spectacular mountain, they can visit Mt. Everest, even Mt. Kailash. They believer the tour will wash their sins and cumulate merits. But it takes longer time and requires strenuous effort. I have learned that your father prefers to explore culture, they can visit the main attractions in Lhasa and suburb. And we can arrange a local Tibetan family visit for them. It is quite a good way to know about the Tibetan culture and real life of Tibetan people. After that,  I suggest they go to Shigatse or Lhoka after their 2-3 days' stay in Lhasa because most of the temples, eg. Samye Monastery, Ganden Monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery, etc. are located at Shigatse and Lhoka. Besides, the scenery of Lhoka in autumn would be extremely charming. Would you like to arrange a private tour for your parents? They will have their own car, driver, and guide. They will be more flexible to handle them. By the way, will your parents be interested in holy lakes? such as Namtso ( 250km), and Yamdroktso (120km ) far from Lhasa. We can also add one-day holy lake tour for them. The tour wouldn't be too strain or tired. What do you think?



Hello, I am interested in your Xining Lhasa Train Tour for 1 person at the end of July. I am currently living in China so i have a visa but i need assistance for the travel permit. Please let me know of costs, Many thanks, Michael



In your inquiry, you mentioned you are interested in Xi'ning Lhasa train tour. Usually, for travelers less than 5, we suggest they join in a small group tour to keep the cost down. Would you like to join in a 4-day Lhasa city essential group tour starting on July 29th, plus two days private tour? And of course, we can handle the train ticket from Xi'ning to Lhasa for you. 

Before I quote you, could you please let me know what kind of accommodation would you like to stay in?  The comfortable (4-star) or economy class (3-star)?

For foreign travelers to Tibet, Tibet permit is a basic document required to be applied before your coming, we have more than 14 years Tibet tour running experiences for foreign travelers, so we could surely get your Tibet permit including other necessary permits after you book the tour with us. Tibet Travel Permit is free of charge.

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