China Group Visa ≠ China Visa   china group visa

The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu doesn’t issue visas to individual travelers, only to those booked on a tour and then only group visas. If you turn up with a Chinese visa in your passport, it will be canceled.

A group visa is a separate sheet of paper with all the names and passport numbers of the group members. It’s important to get your own individual ‘group’ visa (a ‘group’ can be as small as one person), as otherwise, come the end of your tour in Lhasa, you will either have to exit China with your fellow group members or split from this group visa at considerable cost and hassle. Splitting from a group visa can only be done by local Lhasa travel agency that arranged your travel into Tibet. It is a real pain to be avoided at all costs.

After you book your Tibet tour with a local Lhasa travel agency, we will prepare an official Invitation Letter to give to our partner in Kathmandu. After your arrival in Kathmandu, our Nepali partner will meet you for your ORIGINAL PASSPORT + 1 HEADSHOT. With Invitation Letter & your passport, we can obtain your China Group Visa.

Meanwhile, we will apply for all necessary Tibet permits in Lhasa. Whether you fly to Lhasa or overland to Gyirong Port, besides your China Group Visa, your Tibetan guide shall have to wait for your there with Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit (TTB).

Since 05 Jun 2017, officially, the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu requires China Group Visa application to be submitted 3-working-day in advance with your original passport. And if you have no sightseeing plan in Nepal, this would be rather annoying. 

Our Nepali partner charges service fee as below, of which you need to pay in CASH in Kathmandu aside from your tour balance. 

Note: in the case of rising on the fee by the local authority, the additional increased portion shall be added on top of the suggested visa cost.

NORMAL (3-working-day Service): passport remains with the embassy for 3 days, returns it with China Group Visa on the 4th day.

USD/PERSON Times of Entry 3-working-day Service

US Citizen


$175 + Service $20

Canadian Citizen


$155 + Service $20

Romanian Citizen


$115 + Service $20

Montenegro Citizen


$95 + Service $20

Serbian Citizen


$52 + Service $20

Albania Citizen


$55 + Service $20

Maldives Citizen


$55 + Service $20

Bosnia Citizen


$55 + Service $20

Herzegovina Citizen


$55 + Service $20

Other Citizen


$85 + Service $20

Facts about the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu

  1. Chinese Embassy accepts visa application from 10:00 ~12:00 on Mon/Wed/Fri only officially (GTT offers Mon~Fri), and issues it at about 17:00;
  2. Chinese Embassy in Nepal takes day off on both China & Nepal’s national holidays;
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Typically Asked Questions from Our Clients



Hello, I plan to travel to Kathmandu from USA in September (between September 6 and 10) 2019 and I am interested in an 7 or 8 day group tour that includes Lhasa and Everest Base Camp. I am a US citizen and plan to travel alone. I would like single person accommodations in comfortable hotels with private bathroom. At the end of the tour, I would like to return to Kathmandu and then travel to India. Please provide an itinerary for me. Do I have to spend three or four days in Kathmandu to get a Chinese Group Visa for Tibet? Is there a faster way to get the visa? Will you be able to arrange for the Group Visa for me? Thank you, Bala



We have 8 Days Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour with the departure date on Sep.8th. Is it available to you?

We can help you get urgent China Group Visa within 2 working days. Can you arrive in Kathmandu in the early morning of Sep.5th so that you can get your China Group Visa on Sep.6th?



I will coming in nepal katmandu I want to travel tibet from road from nepal And i am alone So can u put me in small group or ur suggestion And i am indian I have been to nepal many times as mohan tattoo ink company is my friend Or pls whatsapp me on this number +91 9082021629



May I suggest you fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa and join in our 7 Days Lhasa Mt. Everest Kathmandu Overland Group Tour? We happen to have a fixed tour with departure date on July 8th and the itinerary is the same as your preferred one, but just reverse the route. Please check if you are ok to join it. If you don't like it, I can recommend another itinerary for you.

For China Group Visa, after you book your Tibet tour with us, we will send an official invitation letter for you to our partner in Kathmandu. After your arrival in Kathmandu, our Nepali partner will meet you for your original passport. With invitation letter, your original passport and one photo (passport photo size with white background), our Nepali partner could help you get your China Group Visa there within 3 working days.

Here is the itinerary,



i want to book the Nepal and Tibet tour. But one of us is Indonesian and the other one is Singaporean Could you assist us to arrange visa for Tibet. We want to see Mount Everest also.



Yes, we could surely get your Tibet permits in Lhasa after your tour booked with us, we need your passport copy to apply for them from Tibet Travel Bureau usually 30 days(shortest 16 days) before tour starts and get them to you usually within 12 working days. If you enter Tibet from Kathmandu, you need to apply for China group visa in Kathmandu with our assistance. We could help you get your China Group Visa there within 3 working days.

Frankly speaking, the cost of a private tour for both of you would be a little bit expensive. For travelers less than five, we usually suggest them join our small group tours to keep the cost down.

So, how about we divide this tour into two parts? 4 days Kathmandu private tour plus 8 days Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt. Everest Group Tour, here is the brief itienrary,