Travel in mysterious Tibet accompanied by our Tibetan travel guides means you will immerse into Tibetan culture and explore this land deeply. Besides breathtaking landscapes and sacred cultural relics, Tibetan guides will show you the unique beauty of Tibet by sharing their knowledge about culture, local festivals, Tibetan lifestyles, and precious experience, which was inborn in their minds since their childhood. They will tell you legends which are spread from mouth to mouth; they will take you to seldom taken paths because no road in Tibet is unfamiliar to them, and they will serve you wholeheartedly with hospitable Tibetan traditions.

As a Tibetan local travel agency, we are proud to show you our excellent Tibetan guides. All of them are experts in guiding with years’ experience, and own Tibetans’ hospitality, honesty, passionate, and friendliness. Have a view of the photos and descriptions of our representative travel guides.

Tibetan Guide Mengbo
Mengbo is 40 years old with 10 years’ experience in guiding. During the 10 years in Tibet tourism industry, he set foot on mountains and lakes of this snow land, made many friends from all over the world. He believes that being a travel guide is not only an occupation but also a perfect way to spread the profound Tibetan culture and the age-old history of China. With passion and profession, he guarantees travelers a satisfying service.
Tibetan Guide Qimei
Qimei has joined the tourism industry for a dozen years. Being fond of finding out the differences between distinguishing cultures and cities, she fell in love with tourism. She recognized it as her honor to be a travel guide of Tibet and take travelers around every corner of this beautiful land.  Eating, drinking, playing and enjoying are her hobbies; that’s what made her suitable for this job. She’s always welcoming guests all over the world to visit her homeland.
Tibetan Lobsang
Luosang was born in Lhasa and learned English in Lhasa LamSang language school. With 14 years’ experience in guiding tours in Tibet, he is satisfied with his work. He has hosted foreign travelers from all over the world, such as Germany, France, England, and the US, and gained a good reputation. He can perform conjuring tricks, have a sense of humor, always be very optimistic and laugh out loud, so he's very popular among travelers.
Tibetan Guide Lazhen
Lazhen was born in a beautiful small village in the eastern Tibet, grew up in Lhasa - the land of god, and graduated from Beijing International Studies University. With 7 years’ experience of guiding, she met different people all around the world. Believing that Tibetans have the responsibility to show their own culture including Buddhism, history, and Tibetan lifestyle with the outside world. 
Tibetan Travel Guide Dajie
Dajie is a 45 years’ old Tibetan guide with 14 years’ experience in guiding. Dajie loves his hometown because of its crystal lakes, pure sky, sweet air, majestic Potala Palace, the highest Mount Everest, and the sacred Ngari Prefecture. Dajie devotes himself to guiding and looking forward to helping travelers gain deep knowledge about Tibet. 
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